Post motivational words and quotes around the house!

Gratitude Affirmation


Nobody else can tell you which words are going to motivate or inspire you. While some phrases seem to stir the emotions of almost anyone who reads them, many times we are actually very individualized as to what drives us. One quote that causes someone else to wake up and go to the gym everyday will have no impact whatsoever on the next person.

However, when people do find words that inspire them, they can change their life for the better. Quotes can give you a different perspective or a different way of looking at a problem. They can remind you that other people have also gone through something tough and that you are not alone. They can also remind you to get back on track or stay with the goals you have set for yourself.

Try to find two inspirational quotes or affirmational sayings at the beginning of this week and read through them each day. They can motivate you to be a better person, remind you that you are already a good person, or drive you to work harder on a certain aspect of your life.  Here’s an example of an affirmation, “I fully accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.”

Another great way to stay inspired is to place positive words about yourself, or the self you want to be, around the house. You can also place them on your mirror to see first thing in the morning. A great way to come up with these words is to just start listing adjectives off that resonate with you.

Positive Notes

 If you need help getting the juices flowing, visit this SITE HERE.  Try to come up with about 20 words that resonate with you and then narrow it down to the top five. Repeat these 5 words to yourself at least two times every day this week!

For example, mine were appreciative, boundless, caring, open-minded, and tough. All of these are words that I feel describe some of my best aspects or are words that I want to live up to. They are also all words that inspire me to be better!

Yes, many of you reading this might find the idea of putting “meaningful” quotes or “inspiring” words around the house cheesy! However, surrounding yourself with positive thoughts can’t hurt. Humor me for one week and see what positive changes you can make!


yours in health, dr samantha boldt dc