Overcome Your Aches And Pains

At Live Your Life Chiropractic, we address the cause of your pain, not just the symptom. We believe that education is a big part of your success. Call today!

Overcome Your Aches And Pains

At Live Your Life Chiropractic, we address the cause of your pain, not just the symptom. We believe that education is a big part of your success. Call today!

Massage Therapy Erie CO

If you have a hectic lifestyle, you know that being constantly on-the-go is just part of the routine. However, taking the time for massage therapy in Erie can be a useful tool that can help you continue performing at your very best. This is due to the fact that a massage can do more than clear your conscience and ease your muscles. Massage Therapy in Erie can keep your body in tip-top shape to help you - be you!

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When your body is dealing with pain, it can be tough to deal with even the most routine errands. A massage can help you overcome these aches and pains by restoring the blood passages to your back, giving those muscles a quick pick me up in the form of oxygen. The result is the all-natural painkiller, endorphins, being released by your brain to bring you back to life.

Massage therapy is a healing practice which can enhance an individual’s wellness and physiological performance. A massage can have a positive impact on the physique and psyche of a person. A shortlist of the amazing effects a massage can have include: shuttling toxins away from soft tissues, improving blood flow, and improving the resilience of the body’s many fibers and joints.

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic

Chiropractic and massage are similar in that they both utilize the careful application of physical force on an individual's body in order to activate the body’s healing response. Once these treatments are complete, the body tends to undergo a restoration and any aches and pains are diminished and life becomes increasingly pain-free.

It is not necessary to choose between massage therapy and chiropractic since both are excellent treatments that complement each other well. There are many individuals living healthier lifestyles that serve as proof of the healing properties of these treatments.

The reason why massage therapy and chiropractic care work well together is because:

  • Massage prolongs the effects of a chiropractic adjustment
  • Chiropractic adjustments make it easier for a massage to affect the body
  • Improved flexibility between the two treatments ensure the full benefits of said treatments are realized

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  • Advantages Of Massage Therapy

    The advantages of massage therapy are heralded and known across the world. It has been well-documented that massage can treat a large number of symptoms. Just a couple of the advantages that massage therapy can afford an individual include, extremity pain relief, improved blood flow, improved mood, and reduced physical and mental pressure. Massage therapy is also excellent at eliminating the body of toxins. All of the advantages of massage therapy combine to result in an all-natural treatment that can help a person’s body perform at its very best in all dimensions of health.

  • What is Integrative Bodywork?

    Integrative Bodywork is deep tissue and neuromuscular therapies combined with energy work, cranial, and breathwork to help you achieve a more full sense of wellness. Breath work is essential for a healthy nervous system, which means less anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain, and mental anguish. It also means more resilience, self-regulation, and an overall sense of confidence in your ability to manage life.

  • Vibrational Medicine

    Also known as applied biophysics. All molecules everywhere, are vibrating. Every cell in your body is vibrating. Molecules down to the very particle communicate through vibrations. This is the simple and essential nature of our universe. Energy workers are trained to feel the subtle vibratory systems in the human body, to aid in healing on the molecular level. This is why I like to call it applied biophysics. Energy medicine is vibrational medicine, which is simply capitalizing on these physical realities to facilitate healing.