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Chiropractic Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the most common reason people come in to see the chiropractor, so it’s a good thing that multiple studies have shown chiropractic as the most effective, time efficient, and cost effective treatment of low back pain when compared to surgery, medication, physical therapy, and massage. Not only is chiropractic care beneficial for a current injury, people under chiropractic care have a decreased chance of the injury reoccurring again.

Most people with low back pain have a problem with one of the spinal discs, the soft tissue in between the bony vertebrae. If one of the vertebrae are out of place, it puts more stress on the disc, causing inflammation and irritation to the surrounding nerves. The irritation of the nerves in the low back can result in anything from low back or hip pain, to numbness and tingling all the way down to the feet, pain in the knees or ankles, weaker muscles in the lower body, and even bowel and bladder issues.

By visiting a chiropractor, you can make sure that all the nerves in your lower back stay healthy, and therefore, all of the structures that the nerves go to remain healthy as well!

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