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Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic Shoulder Pain

While many people think of chiropractors for neck and back pain, they don’t always think of chiropractors when it comes to other joints. The shoulder is actually made up of multiple joints that work together to allow a wide range of motion to the arm. The problem can come from one of those joints being out of alignment, a problem with the muscles or ligaments in the area, and many times the actual problem is coming from the neck. Treatment will depend entirely on the source of the problem, so it is important that the cause of shoulder pain is accurately diagnosed.

Signs that you should see a chiropractor for your shoulder pain include shoulder pain that continues after a few days, decreased range of motion in the shoulder, inability to carry objects or weakness of the arm, any numbness or tingling in the area, and the feeling that something in the shoulder is “stuck.” More often than not, one of the joints that makes up the shoulder has moved ever so slightly out of place. This forces the muscles surrounding that joint to have to work harder to hold everything in place, creating tightness, pain, and even restriction of blood flow to other areas. Dr. Sam will closely assess the shoulder and decide the best course of treatment.

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