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Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Care: Our postpartum doula care services are designed to help you become a thriving, self-sufficient family. The most efficient and simple way we know of doing that is by helping mom to heal after birth. You may have heard this referred to as ‘mothering the mother.’ In Chinese traditions there is a ‘sitting in’ period during which the new mom is cared for, well fed, and encouraged to rest so that she can focus on providing for the new baby.


We will help with this transition by providing acupuncture treatments designed specifically to help you through the postpartum period, cooking nutritious and nourishing meals, and acting as a resource for all things baby related. One of our greatest joys is providing delicious meals that help new moms with digestion and energy, and promote lactation (when appropriate). What we put into our bodies really does matter. Our meals are fresh, organic, made with love and can be catered to any dietary needs.


We are also here to help you with any baby questions you might have – from swaddling, to bathing, to nursing. We are trained in the ‘normal’ and can help you determine when it’s appropriate to seek additional help. We also do light housework such as laundry, dishes, or walking the dog. If you have an older child or children we can also help ease the transition for them into their older sibling role(s). Please call to talk to us more about the importance of postpartum care and how it fits into your life!

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