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Chiropractic Erie CO Chiropractic Pricing

At our Erie CO chiropractic office, our costs are upfront and you know exactly what you will pay. We do not accept most insurance, but we do send out superbills to our patients to send into their insurance companies if they would like to do so. A superbill is a list of all the diagnosis and treatment codes that you will then send into your insurance provider. By doing this, we are able to spend more individualized time with each patient as well as keep our costs down. If you have any more questions on our superbill system, please call the office and we will be happy to answer them!

Prices in Erie CO

Initial Exam and Adjustment
Follow-Up Adjustment

Children under 18, with 3 or more family members in the office

Athletic Performance Evaluation
$224 ($75 Limited Time Discount)

This eval is to let you know both your physical strengths and weaknesses, what to focus on in order to prevent injury, and how to best improve overall athletic performance.

$224 ($75 Limited Time Discount)
New Prenatal Chiropractic Exam
$150 ($75 Limited Time Discount)
$150 ($75 Limited Time Discount)
Prenatal Chiropractic Follow-Up
Chiropractic Packages
Various Options Available

Ask which package would be best for you at your next appointment!

Various Options Available


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