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"I have been in and out of physical therapy for years with back problems. I've seen a few different chiropractors and go in for regular massages. I've been seeing Dr. Sam regularly for a couple months now and my quality of life has improved immensely! I love her fresh approach! It's like nothing I've experienced before! I'm in less pain and am getting better posture and she's helping me to improve my diet too! She's a godsend! Thank you so much Dr. Sam for all you do for us!"

- Richard F.

"What I love most about Dr. Sam is that she really takes the time to understand what you are feeling and works specifically at adjusting that area. Too many chiropractors just crack your neck and you're done. Dr. Sam takes a look at your entire body alignment. I am very tough to adjust and I really feel she has made a huge difference in stabilizing my back and neck area. My golf game has also improved! I have also used her for functional medicine and I am feeling better than ever. I highly recommend her."

- James T.

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