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Health coaching is a collaborative and client-centered approach to promoting and supporting individuals in achieving their health and wellness goals. Health coaches in Erie CO are trained professionals who work with clients to create personalized plans, provide guidance, and offer support on their journey towards improved well-being. The focus of health coaching extends beyond traditional healthcare models, emphasizing the integration of positive behavior changes and lifestyle modifications to enhance overall health.

Key Aspects Of Health Coaching Include:

  • Holistic Approach: Health coaching takes into account various aspects of an individual's life, including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep, and emotional well-being. The goal is to create a comprehensive plan that aligns with the client's values and priorities.
  • Client-Centered: The coaching process is tailored to the specific needs, preferences, and goals of the individual. Coaches work collaboratively with clients, empowering them to take an active role in their health journey.
  • Goal Setting: Health coaches assist clients in setting realistic and achievable goals that are specific, measurable, and time-bound. These goals may address weight management, fitness, stress reduction, or any other aspect of well-being.
  • Behavior Change: Health coaching focuses on helping individuals identify and overcome barriers to positive behavior change. Coaches use motivational interviewing techniques to explore and resolve ambivalence, fostering a client's intrinsic motivation for lasting change.
  • Accountability: Coaches provide ongoing support and accountability, helping clients stay on track with their goals. Regular check-ins and discussions about progress and challenges contribute to the client's sense of responsibility for their health.
  • Education: Health coaches share information and resources to enhance the client's understanding of health and wellness. This education empowers clients to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and health choices.
  • Positive Psychology: Health coaching often incorporates principles from positive psychology, emphasizing strengths, resilience, and positive aspects of well-being. This approach helps clients cultivate a positive mindset and develop a sense of empowerment.

Meet Our Health Coach In Erie CO

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Health Coach

Jennifer Kruse R.N.

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Loyola University Chicago and is a licensed RN in Colorado and Illinois. After working as a Registered Nurse in clinical specialties that include women's care, cardiovascular health, transplant and surgery, she received her Health Coach Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with advanced coursework in Gut Health and Hormone Health!

Jennifer is passionate about preventative care and transforming your health outlook so that you can live the life you envision for yourself. She believes that our hearts are at the core of our health - nutrition, relationships, work, joy, and movement all having influence. Collaborating with Jennifer ensures you have a committed, reliable partner by your side supporting your wellness aspirations. Consistency and persistence in implementing minor changes leads to remarkable results.

She Specializes In:

  1. Educating and creating healthy meal plans that work for your lifestyle while also giving you that accountability until it becomes habit.
  2. Downregulating the nervous system. Stress from work, relationships and life in general can be overwhelming, which has an effect on our nervous system. When the nervous system is always up, on the defense, and feeling overwhelmed, our health takes a toll. By providing simple nervous system tricks, we can allow our nervous system to function at a more sustainable level.
  3. Creating healthy movement and exercise plans that are both a fit for your lifestyle and your current health.
  4. Being an accountability partner, goal setting, motivating patients to achieve their goals, helping patients work past mental blocks, but also letting patients know when they're trying to change too much at once!

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time being active with her husband and two children. You can find them skiing and snowboarding in Winter Park, hiking in the Colorado foothills, mountain biking, or at school sporting events. She loves music, is an avid reader, and enjoys a good laugh with her friends.


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