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Diabetes centers around insulin, and type II diabetics, as well as pre-diabetics and pre-pre-diabetics, are insulin resistant. By consuming sugar and carbohydrates, we increase the amount of insulin our body needs to put out. What does that mean?

Insulin’s job is to drive glucose, or blood sugar, into the cells where it can be used. If someone is insulin resistant, they are having trouble getting blood sugar where it needs to go, into those cells. And if the sugar just hung out in the blood, we would all have a diabetic crisis after every meal. Contact our team to see how functional medicine in Erie CO could help you.

Type II Diabetes in Erie CO

So when someone is resistant to insulin, the body’s response is to make more of it….”well, I’m not responding to this amount, if I put more out there, maybe that will help.” And it does, for a while, years even. The body keeps producing more and more insulin to keep blood sugar where it needs to be. But it can’t keep this up forever, and even at extreme elevations of insulin, it eventually is not enough to keep blood sugar in the normal range as the body continues to become more and more resistant to it. Blood sugar starts to rise, and that is type II diabetes.

Type II diabetes is a vicious circle, and treatment with insulin is not only NOT helping treat the problem, it is actually making it worse. While insulin lowers your sugars, it is actually raising your insulin resistance. You can’t treat raised levels of insulin with more insulin!

By changing diet and the amount of carbohydrates you consume, type II diabetes can be reversed. It requires effort by both you and your practitioner, but the outcome is a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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