Quiz Result: You May Have High Estrogen

Chiropractic Erie CO High Estrogen

Your PMS symptoms and period symptoms can be intense, the weight that won't come off is annoying, and you're tired and the sex drive is gone. While it feels like some of these symptoms control your life, there's actually lots that you can start doing about it!

  • Most often, women don't actually have high estrogen, but rather they have a high estrogen to progesterone ratio. Doing things that boost your progesterone levels will help decrease your symptoms.
  • It's easy for estrogen and estrogen metabolites to build up in the system because our detoxification pathways aren't always working the way they should be. Estrogen is taken out of the body via the liver and the gut. Supplements like DIM and Calcium-D-Glucarate can both aid in the detoxification of estrogen.
  • Switch out chemical-filled body, hair, and cleaning products for more natural products. Many products contain estrogen-like chemicals that will make low progesterone symptoms worse.
  • Look into the most effective testing methods so that you can have more exact answers!


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