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Pricing and Packages

Functional Medicine Pricing

Initial Exam and Adjustment $100

Follow-Up Adjustment
Dr. Samantha Boldt - $50
Dr. Adam Groch and Dr. Megan Epps - $45

At Live Your Life Chiropractic, our costs are up front and you know exactly what you will pay. We do not accept most insurances, but we do send out superbills to our patients to send into their insurance companies if they would like to do so. A superbill is a list of all the diagnosis and treatment codes that you will then send in to your insurance provider. By doing this, we are able to spend more individualized time with each patient as well as keep our costs down. If you have any more questions on our superbill system, please call the office and we will be happy to answer them!


6 Adjustments Package - $240 to $270

Buy 6 adjustments in advance and get $5 off each adjustments.
Adjustments do not expire. Dr. Adam Groch and Dr. Megan Epps = $240 Dr. Samantha Boldt = $270


With 3 or more family members in the office, children under 18 are $25.

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